A Road safety audit (RSA) is an independent, detailed, systemic, and professional analysis of a road infrastructure object that concerns its many design characteristics and performances from the standpoint of road users.

It covers all phases, from planning to the initial road management.

The fundamental law regulation that regulates the RSA procedure is:
  • ZDirective 2008/96/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on road infrastructure safety management
  • ZRoads Act (Official Gazette 84/11, 22/13, 54/13, 80/13, 148/13, 92/14, 110/19)
  • ZRegulations on activities for the improvement of the safety of TEM roads (Official Gazette 74/13)
  • ZGuideline for the road safety audit (Zagreb, 2016)

The company Rencon d.o.o. offers road safety audit services for all phases:

  • Concept design phase
  • Main execution project phase
  • Phase immediately before opening
  • Phase at the beginning of the test period

We also offer road safety inspections (RSI) of preexisting roads. This is a revision of preexisting roads from a traffic safety standpoint.

RSA and RSI procedures are conducted by certified road safety auditors Denis Šimenić, B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and Ivan Molnar,

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