We ensure that all your projects are successfully completed

Rencon’s team of experts will help you complete your construction works project within the deadline and the estimated budget, and with the best possible result. During the supervision, we will make sure the project follows the best practices and the applicable law regulations.

This way we will prevent mistakes, problems, oversights, low-quality work, and unwanted expenses. We will continuously inform all of the project participants of our activities, and after concluding the supervision we will provide a report on the supervision.

Our supervision services include:

  • Project supervision
  • Technological and expert supervision
  • Control tests of materials
  • Preparation of contracts and valid documentation
  • Conforming the execution of activities to the technical documentation and law regulations
  • Project management
  • Technical and legal counsel
  • Drafting of project documentation
  • Drafting of feasibility studies
  • Technical assessment
  • Following the time schedule
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