About Rencon

Rencon prides itself on more than 25 years of successful activity.

The main activities are road and bridge design, drawing up of traffic solutions, consulting, BIM, and construction supervision. Located in an office building in the immediate vicinity of the city center, the company employs qualified professionals and directly influences the development of the economy in eastern Croatia.

Currently, the company employs 27 workers:

  • 21 graduate civil engineers,
  • 2 civil engineers,
  • 2 traffic engineers, and
  • 2 administrative workers.

Of the aforementioned workers, 18 civil engineers are certified engineers in the Croatian Chamber of civil engineers, one traffic engineer is a member of the Chamber of traffic and transport technology; we also have two road safety auditors.

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Constant progress and the development of the most valuable resource - people - are the main goals of the company.

The education and technical advancement of our engineers are carried out through the culture of personal and professional growth. This ensures that our workers are keeping up with technological advancements. This way, we can safely and promptly answer all the business requests and challenges. Our solutions are cost-effective, long-lasting, and carefully and responsibly put together in accordance with the highest professional standards and law regulations.

By combining knowledge and technology, the company Rencon d.o.o. achieves visible results. The great number of successfully finalized projects attests to that. Our highly educated, professional staff, in synergy with the latest technology and the experience gained on many demanding projects, guarantee the further development and growth of our company. We use and develop all our potentials so that in the near future we can become a significant partner in the area of traffic infrastructure design - locally, regionally, and on the EU level.


The main activity of the company is focused on road planningand we work on all levels and types of projects. During its many years of activity, the company has primarily worked on an important number of projects for the construction of state roads and freeways, road junctions, important city streets, city squares, and intersections

At the same time, we do not neglect smaller projects, like projects for the construction of county and local roads, cycling infrastructure, etc. We construct new road sections, but a significant part of our business relates to projects for the reconstruction of preexisting roads, which implies a different approach to designing with specific technological and technical requirements.

Rencon d.o.o. has at its disposal various profiles of experts (road designers, structure designers, drainage designers, traffic engineers), which guarantees the completeness and consistency of the designed solutions.